"Simon Presland's editorial work is professional, thorough, and invaluable. After his comments on my manuscripts, my writing becomes smooth and effective. Simon is a seasoned writer, as well as a superb communicator and editor."
    -Marilyn Tyner, author-speaker-founder of True-Way Tracts Apologetics Ministry


Looking for a Professional Freelance Writer/Editor! Looking for a Professional Freelance Writer/Editor! Simon Presland - Freelance Writer/Editor

Welcome to The Write Choice, the one source for all your writing needs. My name is Simon Presland, and if you need a professional freelance writer or editor, you've come to the right place. My specialty is non-fiction: books, business, personal, and academic manuscripts, corporate communications, magazine articles, technical writing, and business material. I also work with a team of experienced professionals in all types of fiction genres and special projects. That's why The Write Choice is your one-stop writing source.

I can provide you with a vast array of writing and editorial services that will enhance your project, while developing your unique voice throughout your manuscript.

Whether you want to increase your chances of publication or develop your business platform, choosing a competent writer or editor is one of the best decisions you can make.


Simon Presland - the Write Choice!

Beyond writing, co-writing, editing, or polishing your work, I can help you communicate your message with a uniqueness and style that will make your voice stand out with clarity and precision.

My experience includes more than 300 published articles, and more than 60 book edits and ghostwriting projects combined. I’ve worked with first-time authors, pastors, businessmen, and stay-at-home moms. Whether you are a new author who wants to self-publish, a pastor with a “message to the masses,” a business person who wants to clarify your corporate image and communications, or someone who needs input for an article, I can help you accomplish your goals.

My editing services include:
My writing services include:
•    Manuscript consultation     

•    Nonfiction books

•    Developmental editing     

•    Article writing based on client criteria

•    Copy editing     

•    Ghostwriting and/or co-authoring

•    Stylistic editing     

•    Rewriting and collaboration

•    Traditional proofreading     

•    Magazines and journals

•    Content and substantive editing     

•    Newspaper articles

•    Website content     

•    Business newsletters and brochures

  •    Academic papers

  •    Personal and corporate website writing

Writing Samples

Simon Presland - the Write Choice!

My specialty is non-fiction in most genres. The following articles I have written are available to read on the Internet:

Walking on Level Ground Uneven cement steps or sidewalks around your house? Here's the solution.

Just Ask When someone is struggling, it's important to ask strategic questions to help the person resolve his/her issue.

S.A.D. Seasonal Affective Disorder affects people around the globe. Here is one lady's story.

Healing for Sexual Brokeness Christianity Today (Canadian edition)

How to Fight Fair Marriage Partnership. 10 rules for getting good at what we all do

Affirm Foundation Learning the habit of praise will transform how you see your spouse.

A Real Life Story Back from the Brink: A Real-Life Story of a Marriage in Recovery.

Picking up the Pieces During times of crisis, the only thing you can do is give it to God and let him bring healing and wholeness.

Simon's Resume

Simon Presland - the Write Choice!


Writing Experience

A professional freelance writer of more than 320 published articles, and editor/ghostwriter of 95 book projects in many genres including travel, informational, inspirational, Christian, home repair and home profiles, personality profiles, interviews, and teaching. Published in such popular magazines as: Discipleship Journal, Marriage Partnership, Canadian Homes and Cottages, The REV, Backhome, Children’s Ministry Magazine, The Lookout, Light and Life, Canadian Sportsman, Faith Today, The Windsor Star, and more.

Co-author of Spiritual Warfare A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Healing and Deliverance, with Drs. Jerry and Sherill Piscopo, www.evangel-churches.org

Write-for-hire projects with Dave Wertheim, Optimum Consulting, www.davewertheim.com, on men's ministries, including Men U: Courses for a Transformed Life, and Men U: Advanced Courses for a Transformed Life.

Proofreading, copy editing, substantive editing, rewriting manuscripts, etc., for WinePress Publishing. All levels of editing, ghost writing, and coaching projects working with pastors, first-time authors, leaders from various business sectors, and ministry leaders.

Write-for-hire projects with Julie Cook, Unvaccinated, Homeschooled, and TV-Free: It's Not Just for Fanatics and Zealots; Debra Holmes, A Single Tear, and other individuals.

Write-for-hire projects with Pastor Nolan McCants, Harvest Plainfield Church, on his published series of books on leadership, including Mobilizing the Church and Leadership Essentials.

Write-for-hire projects with Pastor Steven Thompson, God’s Grace Community Church, on his published books, including Marriage is Like Mashed Potatoes, and Leadership 101.

Collaborated on Sweating From Your Eyes, a book dedicated to men’s personal growth book by David Loney.

Collaborated on the Roots Initiative program originated by Mike Nagle of the Leadership Group.

Teaching Experience

Dean of CCI, Christian Counseling Institute, along with his wife, Trish, a licensed and accredited school in Roseville, Michigan. Originate, develop, and teach ongoing courses for a variety of counseling subjects.

As an ordained, licensed, and accredited minister, Simon has a BA in Theology and a Masters in Pastoral Counseling. He has originated, developed, and instructed BA to doctorate-level classes at DSM, Destiny School of Ministry, and CCI, Christian Counseling Institute, both licensed and accredited colleges in Roseville, Michigan.

Originated, developed, and taught a Major Morning track You Can Writer for All Types of Magazines! at Mount Hermon, CA.

Originated, developed, and taught the following writing workshops: Catching the Editors Eye at Write! Toronto; Ghostwriting and Colaborating: The Inside Scoop at Write! Canada: Deep Diving into POV at Mount Hermon, CA; Be Wise and Revise! at Mount Hermon, CA.

Originated, developed, and taught two semi-annual, twelve-week, writing courses. The first included writing newspaper and magazine articles, while becoming a freelance writer. The second entailed how to pursue publication for writers with a book manuscript.

Developed and taught various Adult Education classes in a church environment.

Originated, developed, and instructed various community support groups, including Boundaries, Boundaries with Kids, and Telling Yourself the Truth.

Facilitated various technology groups at Ford Motor Company.

Developed and taught electrical safety-related courses at Ford Motor Company.

Speaker and teacher to men’s groups and mixed audiences on life-relevant subjects such as dating, mentoring, and marriage.

About Simon

Simon Presland - the Write Choice!
Simon and Trish Presland, Freelance Writer and Editor

Simon lives in Clinton Township, Michigan, with his beautiful wife, Trish. They are both committed Christians who have dedicated their lives to mentoring and discipling others.

Simon was born in London, England, but lived most of his life in Canada. He has loved writing since he was a young boy. In grade nine, his English teacher gave him a "12 out of 10" for a story he wrote. By the 11th grade, he was writing term papers for his friends. One of those friends received correction from a teacher who said, “Stop asking university students to write your papers.”

In 1999, Simon enrolled in the Long Ridge Writers School two-year correspondence course for college credit. He finished the course in nine months with enough published articles to pay for his tuition. A graduate Seasoned with Salt, an intense public speaking course, he has originated, developed, and taught two semi-annual, twelve-week writing courses: “Writing Newspaper and Magazine Articles: Becoming a Freelance Writer” and “What to do with Your Idea for a Book.”

Simon has been an administrative member for The Word Guild and Write! Canada, Canada’s oldest and largest Christian writing organizations. He is a member of W.I.N. (Writers Information Network) and Proofreaders and Editors Network, (PEN). He is also the assistant to the host and director of Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference.

Simon and Trish Presland, Freelance Writer and Editor

Simon and Trish live very busy lives. They are deans of CCI, Christian Counseling Institute, a State of Michigan licensed and accredited counseling school, hosted by their home church Evangel Christian Church. They love to teach and equip others to better serve those who struggle with life's problems. They are also furthering their own education by pursuing degrees in Christian Education. Trish is obtaining a Doctorate Degree in Christian Counseling. Simon is pursuing a
B. A. in Christian Studies. As ordained pastors, Simon and Trish specialize in inner healing, deliverance, and counseling, and oversee a monthly spiritual warfare seminar. They are available to speak at your church or organization.

At home, Simon and Trish have the responsibility of feeding one of the largest cats in Southeast Michigan—Solo! In their free time, they love reading and watching movies, enjoy cooking and shopping together, and taking long drives in their 1986 Camaro I-ROC Z.


A friend is one who walks in when others walk out -Walter Winchell

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These are some of my favorite authors and editors.

Cec (Cecil) Murphey: The best ghost writer/coauthor/author in Christian writing today and a mentor and role model to hundreds of other writers.

Kathy Davis: When it comes to proofreading, she has one of the sharpest sets of eyes in the business.

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I recommend these organizations.

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Mount Hermon: Host of the USA's Oldest and Largest Christian Writers Conference.

Writers Information Network: The Professional Association for Christian Writers and the most comprehensive collection of information on the Christian Publishing World.

JAR Creative Design: Website Design and Internet Marketing Company.


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